Balance Bike - Brilliant Product or Waste of Money?

Balance Bike - Brilliant Product or Waste of Money?

Is a balance bike worth the money? Or is a bike with stablisers just as good?

For those who were a little unsure of what a balance bike is - its basically a bike without pedals. The children use their legs to make the bike go and eventually they take their legs off to balance. Its easier to learn how to pedal than balance so once you've mastered balancing on a bike you are half way there.

A youtube video that I thought was really useful was this one


My daughter isn't great at balance and can't really use a scooter so she is a good guinea pig to see if they are as good as people say they are.

Will see how she gets on!!


1 week later
My daughter is tiny for her age so we needed to make sure the balance bike was a good height for her. She chose this bike and this helmet

As you can see my daughter is a huge 'Frozen' fan.

We have had the bike for 3 days and she has been on it everyday. She is very slow but loves it. So far it has been her favourite outside toy.






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