Children's Gift Ideas List

  1. 4 Buy them some personalised M&Ms
  2. 3 A bicycle
  3. 3 A collage of photos of you and them
  4. 3 Buy a build-a-bear
  5. 3 Search the webs finest gift search engine for gift ideas
  6. 2 Roller skates
  7. 2 Scooter (Electric or manual)
  8. 2 A PS4 games console with a couple of games
  9. 2 A framed personalised photo of you and them together :-)
  10. 2 A charm bracelet
  11. 2 Name a star after them
  12. 2 Fill a box with presents and customise the lid
  13. 2 A box full of their favourite character/movie gifts. For instance a box full of Frozen gifts such as bouncy ball, tshirt, bubbles, fancy dress etc
  14. 1 A basketball hoop
  15. 1 Some inflatable football goals
  16. 1 Buy them an age birthday hat
  17. 1 Get them an original newspaper from their date of birth
  18. 1 Nice clothes/outfits
  19. 1 Personalised pen or pencils set

PLEASE NOTE: These ideas have been submitted by visitors of this website - they are not our direct recommendations.

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