Kids Face Painting Birthday Party Advice

Kids Face Painting Birthday Party Advice

When it comes to your kid's party all you want is for them to have fun. These days the old style 'sing-and-dance routine' won't keep them entertained for long. A child's party should be fun with interactive and a interesting activities that will not only keep them amused but also help them develop their social skills. With this in mind have you considered putting on a kids face painting party for your child's Birthday Party this year?

What to do in preparation for the party

As we all know, children are very impatient, especially when other children are around. If you are considering a face painting party, do you think they would sit there patiently and wait for their turn to either use the paints or be painted? The answer is NO they won't.

At a party it is hard to keep everyone happy so why not ask friends to help you manage and organise the children. They can either help you paint the kids faces or depending on the age of the children they could simply supervise the face paint sessions to make sure the kids don't do anything too silly (such as eat the face paints).

Here are some top tips to help keep the party running smoothly:

  • Make sure you have enough face paint kits for a group of children. The more children you have the more face painting kits you will need.
  • Choose face painting kits with clear and easy designs.
  • If you have any older children assign a friend or family member to do an elaborate design as an example for the younger children.
  • Make sure you have cleaning equipment nearby in case of any spillages.
  • Prepare a lot of moist and dry wipes.
  • Have at least one or two mirrors around so kids can see themselves.

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