Number Of Friends Per Party

Number Of Friends Per Party

It is always very difficult to know how many invitations to send out to your childs friends. It is even more difficult predicting how many people are going to turn up out of the invitations that were sent out.

After doing some research, I discovered that many people invite their son or daughters whole class and usually find that approximately half this number turn up to the party. If we estimate that their are 30 children in a class on average, that means 15 kids will trun up to the birthday party. This is a fair number, but I would not encourage any more than this really otherwise it starts to get expensive and harder to control.

I feel that the best advice on the number of children to invite to your childs birthday party would be to agree on a number of atendees before hand. Lets say 10 for example. Tell your son or daughter that they can invite 10 and only 10 people. This way you are more likely to have the whole 10 turn up as they will most probably be closest friends and feel a lot better about coming.

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