Old Favourites Sweets Hamper

Old Favourites Sweets Hamper

Wow, a classic selection of sweeties that will have your kids mouths watering. Inside this delicious collection are:

  • Rhubarb & Custard 100g
  • Cola Cubes 100g
  • Toffee Bon Bons 100g
  • Mint Imperials 100g
  • Pear Drops 100g
  • Mint Humbugs 100g
  • Rosey Apples 100g
  • Winter Mixture 100g
  • Haribo Mini Jelly Babies 100g
  • Haribo Jelly Beans 100g
  • Werther's Original Classic Cream Candies 100g
  • Chocolate Eclairs 100g

Why not put a small bag containing a few different sweets in your childs birthday party bags?

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