Popular Kids Birthday Party Themes

Popular Kids Birthday Party Themes

Children`s birthday parties shape their childhood and help them learn to socialise with other children. They can help kids to learn about sharing, congratulating each other and interacting thoughtfully and meaningfully. They are also tons of fun!

If you`re thinking of setting up a birthday for a little girl or boy you might be slightly stumped for ideas. In this article we`re going to take a look at some of the best and most popular themes for kids parties this year.

Birthday Boys

Boys love physical play so incorporating some in to your party is a great idea. Try to make games co-operative and praise children for co-operating rather than creating a competitive environment where some children feel left out or better than others.

For football parties why not have a casual game of football in the back garden or a local park. Let the kids eat sugary and colourful food before they play to get them full of energy and then let them work it off by playing kick about.

For pirate parties (which are incredibly popular following the Pirates of the Caribbean films) why not arrange a proper treasure hunt by burying (or hiding) a wood or metal box packed with sweets or party bags in the back garden and arrange a game around the search for the buried treasure. Girls love the intrigue and mystery of games like this too and also adore the pirate theme.

Birthday Girls

Fairy princess parties are immortal and girls love talking to each other and indulging in imaginative play so why not invite guests to also bring along a favourite toy. One twist on the fairy party is a teddy bears picnic which will encourage children to talk about their toys and introduce them to each other; you can also clean up easier after hoards of kids if you keep them on a blanket on the lawn!

Good games for girls include fairy cake or cookie decorating with coloured icing (boys obviously love this too!) and face painting. You can buy face paints cheaply and if you`ve got lots of girly guests you`ll also need plenty of make-up grade glitter. Then you can make a motley crew of garden fairies, lions, vampires and other creatures to cavort around the garden.

Hints and Tips

Children often eat too much junk at birthday parties. After the initial sugar rush this can end up getting them grumpy afterwards. Combat this by structuring your party carefully. When they arrive get them to use up plenty of energy by playing a game or dancing.

Then, when they`re hungry serve fruits and vegetables (they`ll fill up on this, sharpish!) and then, when the cakes and other high energy food stuffs come out they`ll eat less of it all, being full of carrots and apples. After food, get back in to a high energy game. That way, by the time the party is over they`ll hopefully be murmuring for their Peppa Pig duvet.

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